Minimum Wage Database Introduction


The minimum wage is a basic labour standard that sets the lowest wage rate that an employer can pay to employees. All Canadian jurisdictions have a general minimum wage rate, which applies to most employees and is always defined as an hourly rate. Some jurisdictions have special categories of employees specifically excluded from the general minimum wage provision in the relevant statute or regulation. These categories of employees often have instead a different minimum wage. Special categories with a different minimum wage can include students under the age of 18 (in two provinces) and some occupations. In contrast to the general minimum wage, which is always an hourly rate, the minimum wage for specific occupations can be defined as a daily, weekly or monthly rate.

This Minimum Wage Database provides information on current and forthcoming general minimum wage rates, on any special wage rates relevant to specific occupations across Canada or to specific groups of workers, such as young workers or students. The database also includes past general minimum wage rates in Canada, since 1965, and allows for a customized search, by jurisdiction, for general minimum wage rates.

Strategic Policy, Analysis, and Workplace Information Directorate
Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada
June 2022

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