Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Experienced Adult Workers in Canada

JurisdictionEffective DateWage RateNote
Federal Footnote1 18-Dec-1996 The minimum wage rate applicable in regard to employees under federal jurisdiction is the general adult minimum rate of the province or territory where the employee is usually employed
Alberta 01-Oct-2018 $15.00
British Columbia 01-Jun-2021 $15.20
Manitoba 01-Oct-2020 $11.90
Manitoba 01-Oct-2021 $11.95
New Brunswick 01-Apr-2021 $11.75
Newfoundland and Labrador 01-Apr-2021 $12.50
Northwest Territories 01-Apr-2018 $13.46
Northwest Territories 01-Sep-2021 $15.20
Nova Scotia 01-Apr-2021 $12.95
Nunavut 01-Apr-2020 $16.00 Applies to all employees in Nunavut.
Ontario 01-Oct-2020 $14.25
Ontario 01-Oct-2021 $14.35
Prince Edward Island 01-Apr-2021 $13.00
Quebec 01-May-2021 $13.50
Saskatchewan 01-Oct-2020 $11.45
Saskatchewan 01-Oct-2021 $11.81
Yukon 01-Apr-2021 $13.85
Note: In most jurisdictions, these rates also apply to young workers. More information is available on special rates for young workers under "Current And Forthcoming Minimum Wage Rates in Canada for Young Workers and Specific Occupations".
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